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OPENINGSact A Jack of all trades

logoNL Logosamphia is het alterego van Iraans/Nederlandse audio kunstenaar Sadra Hemati heeft ruim 15 albums uitgebracht bij diverse internationale labels. Hij is veel geboekt als artiest in binnen- en buitenland. Zijn live-sets zijn energiek, chaotisch en bevatten zelfgemaakte instrumentaria, dubieuze samples en diverse stukken fruit waar hij muziek mee maakt. Speciaal voor BUTFF presenteert Logosamphia: "A Jack of all trades"

EN Logosamphia started as a project in 2003 in Tehran city Rotterdam. Our protagonist is armed with kiwis, bananas, mangos and pineapples plus a bunch of circuit bent toys and loads of uncontrollable chaos. Expect noisey polka persian 8-bit electro punk dance floor disco and classical gentle softcore timbres to make your feet squeak. Specially for BUTFF Logosamphia presents: "A Jack of all trades".


The Smoke Master (1)

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The Smoke Master

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Two brothers and a fistful of friends have to face the Chinese mafia. Counting on The Smoke Master and his unique Cannabis fighting style, they stand a chance. A stoner comedy from Brazil that brings sillyness to a well crafted film and also contains well-executed, realistic Kung-Fu. Stick this in your pipe!

Andre Sigwalt & Augusto Soares
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English - Chinese - Portuguese
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