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Panel Discussion on the European Underground scene

In this panel we join several festival directors and filmmakers to discuss the following topic: how can people discover European "underground" films? Do festivals and creators lack the ability to find each other across languages and borders? Would the European industry benefit from a platform for streaming, crowdfunding and talent-searching specifically for "underground" films? Or would underground cease to be underground when you organize it like that?

Lecture on Kenneth Anger by Gary Parsons

A introduction on the films Kenneth Anger by Gary Parsons MA film graduate from Goldsmiths College London.
We will be screening:
- Invocation of my Demon Brother
- Lucifer Rising
Followed by Thelema, a short film by Parsons him self

Gary Parsons is an MA film graduate from Goldsmiths College London who specialises in short films. Utilizing both, elements of the surrealist genre and images of the occult, these films are both beautiful and at times disturbing. They also tap into the verisimilitude of the erotic and the unconventional.