The struggling all girl rock band, PUSSYCAKE, kicks off a new tour in the hopes that it will be the spark they need to resurrect their careers. Things don't start off well, however, as they show up to their first gig to find the place deserted. The band soon discovers that being forgotten by their fans is the least of their problems, as they catch the attention of horrors from beyond our reality. With reverence for many of the eighties classics we love, Pablo Parés' PUSSYCAKE promises monsters, inter-dimensional journeys, kickass music and of course, lots of gore and screaming rock-chicks!

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In a post-apocalyptic world with its own rules, Tisha is a paid assassin and an organ dealer with a dark past that encourages her to seek revenge from a the crime that marked her life. Scavenger (Carroña) is great Argentinian splatter horror.

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Soy tóxico


I AM TOXIC is a comic book post-apocalyptic zombie film where Latin America is turned into a giant scrapheap. The only trace of humanity are...zombies! With a grungy seventies look this lowbudget production reminds of Romero and Dante, to name a few.
Mexico has a great tradition of filmmaking, but horror films are rare. Thanks to the perseverance of the director's brother Diego, his graphic novel did see the light of day eventually.
Short film: ATOMIC ED

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