Zappa Zunday, Absolutely Frank


Double Bill Music Performance This Zappa Zunday with Absolutely Frank & The FoolZ!

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Absolutely Frank

Absolutely Frank

A new Frank Zappa tribute band formed by Tal Wilkins (known from Zappatika). Their goal is to bring to you the music of Frank Zappa to the best of their abilities. And, of course, have as much fun as possible!

Now, after acquiring the much needed icing on the cake Absolutely Frank is ready to give you their all!


Zappa Zondag

Zappa Zondag

Zappa Zondag (Zappa Sunday) at the BUT Film Festival this year. Frank Zappa that is of course. Nonconformity is key to our festival, so in that sense Zappa is a kindred spirit of us. Good enough reason to devote a sunday to the man and the legend!

19:00 hrs - The Foolz
Not for Zappa ears only! This coverband brings its own interpretations of Frank Zappa's music with much enthusiasm. Their repertoire is mainly drawn from the 80's shows, with multiple vocals and enough room for the proverbial Zappa solos.