Black Metal Friday

Black Metal Friday

Black Command
The past years The Netherlands is the breeding nest of qualitative and innovative black metal. Black Command being amongst the most promising new comers in the scene. Their Luciferian black masses have just started emerge from the underground.

Summoned in 2013 as a one man project (later as two). After the first demo with a full line-up in which they created the abomination called Whorled Bestial Perdition. Bloodtomb is ritualistic hate from the primordial tomb.

Established in the Netherlands in 1997, Fenris has a long history of combining thunderous Viking metal with scorching black/death metal. At times blindingly fast, sometimes atmospheric, but always melodic and dynamic. With strong roots in Nordic and Germanic mythology, and some of the lyrics in their mother tongue, the mood set is that of ancient peoples, their hopes and beliefs and their wars and hardships.

Ibex Angel Order
Formed from Funeral Goat, Ibex Angel Order is a unity of two individuals that plays black metal. Live appearances are intense and pure, filled with energy and devotion. A band free of any limitations or preconceived idea and lyrics far more personal and that shows their depth and thought. Their lyrics deal with gnostic writings and other occult scriptures.