Glimpses of BUTFF: Pay for entrance, pray for exit 

Adrian being Adrian

The last day at BUTFF passed under the sound of constant sobbing. Some sobbed because the festival was ending, others because “we sold out” at the market, yet others because they sold out their family fortune at the market, and some others just had a cold. Get a tissue, goddamnit. 

cinema hall
Photo: Martijn Stadhouders 

Every year, we show a lot of shorts. On the last day, we show all of the shorts at once, so it’s just like the internet, “a little bit of everything all of the time”. The brave ones that survive the over six-hour-long screening get an imaginary BUT badge and an immediate referral to the doctor. I mean, watching 30 shorts in one row is surely an achievement to put on your bucket list, but boy oh boy, what will be left of your brain? 
happy butff visitor
Photo: Martijn Stadhouders 

The world’s first social housing band told the story of a BUT Rotterdam neighborhood, the Zuid, and Dutch housing problems.
Photo: Martijn Stadhouders 

We told you we like to educate, or maybe it was just to rant. Ranting it also was during the performance by Female Monsterband - this time, ranting with sounds. And souls. 
female monsterband
Photo: Martijn Stadhouders 

“Get off your but and don’t be so danceless” was one of the last sounds to be heard at BUTFF2022. After that, the square transformed into “a wave of arthouse” with everyone coming out of their mental butholes to surprise each other, but perhaps most themselves, with their dance moves. And then there it was, the end. 
party frenzy
Photo: Martijn Stadhouders 

Read on the last festival day, especially how some BUTters managed to scam the bartender at the afterparty with fake money, in the last edition of this year’s BUTDaily.