How to make reservations


Without a daypass or passe -partout it is not possible to make a reservation.
When buying a seperate ticket for one screening a reservation is not necessary.

Before you start, make sure that you have read the note below!

1. Go to the BUTFF ticket shop at

2. Make sure that you are logged in with the same credentials (email address) as that you used to buy your passepartout or daypass.

3. In the list of movies you want to make a reservation for, click on that movie. You should now see at least two ticket types. One with a regular price and one that says 'Reservation' followed by the type of pass you have. If that is not the case, see either point 2. or read the note.

4. Add that Reservation to your shopping cart by clicking on the button with the big round plus.

5. You now have two possibilities:

  1. In the window that opens, click on the '>' marked button next to 'Place Order'. This gives an overview of all your reservations and purchases in your shopping cart.
  2. - If you are happy with that, click on the '>' marked button next to 'Complete'. Your reservations are done and will be send to you be email.
    - If you are not happy, click on the '<' marked button next to 'Change Order'. You can now add or remove reservations again.

  3. Press on the '<' marked button next to 'Continue Shopping' to add more reservations. Return to point 5 until you are finished.

6. If all of this does not work, read the note below.


After buying a passepartout or daypass it can take a while before it is activated. So it might be possible that you cannot see the reservation tickets yet. If you still do not see them after 24 hours
after the purchase of your daypass or passepartout and following the instructions above then please contact us by mail at