Shorts Blok 1: Old Testament

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Het Juk
Film description

Block 1: Old Testament

- A Midwinter Night's Dream (7)
On midwinter’s night the sunstone must be returned or the
darkness will last forever.
- Het Juk/ The Burden(17)
A young woman visits her boyfriend's family home and learns about a sinister history.
- El Sindrome del Artico (14)
After two years of working in the arctic, Silvia returns home to meet her niece for the first time.
- Whence Come Brussel Sprouts (2)
We can finally learn where Brussel sprouts really come from...
- Schrottmagnet (13)
Schrottmagnet is like the mangy boar that fucks you in the ass from behind and then dies bleeding in your vomit.
- Stucco (17)
An agoraphobic woman finds a suspicious, hollow wall in her house.
- Unholy 'Mole (5)
A man sells the soul of his unborn child to satan so his wife will make him guacamole.
- Reformed (12)
An old, reformed criminal is abruptly returned to society, instantly exposing him to old temptations that challenge his new-found, righteous path.
- Enoch (3)
A familiar biblical spirit becomes the worst nightmare of an unsuspecting man.
- NOM (10)
An old cyclist starts a journey with an uncertain end.