This Night I Will Possess Your Corpse

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Coffin Joe died this year, as a small tribute to this iconic figure of the Brazilian horror and underground scene we provide this feature.
Zé do Caixão survives and is absolved in court from his crimes. He moves to another small town, seeking out the perfect woman to deliver his son. Zé do Caixão and his deformed hunchback minion Bruno abduct six women from the village and he submits them to a creepy experiment, trying to find the future mother of his offspring to keep alive his bloodline. The pregnant Jandira curses him and only Marcia survives, but Zé do Caixão concludes that she is not a superior woman. When Zé do Caixão sees the newcomer Laura, who is the daughter of the powerful Coronel, he concludes that she is a superior woman and adequate to deliver his offspring. Meanwhile the Coronel asks his henchman Truncador to hire a gang of criminals to eliminate Zé do Caixão. But the undertaker seems to have a deal with the devil and never dies. However Laura dies with her unborn son and the population joins to expel him from their lands.
introduction by Gurcius Gewdner

Ze do Caixao
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