History of Magic: Ensueno, The

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Shorts 2: Run or Be Gone!

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Saturday 2 Sept
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- Amor Killt! (die Filmmaschine, Christian Kreil) - True Love Always Kills Ninja's!
- The History of Magic (Dano Johnson) - Biking Home is Not Easy
- Sol (Carlos Gananian) - Sol Only Listens to One Voice. His voice
- Rambabe (Daan Venmans) - Rambabe Gets Arrested - Justice?
- Cruelle Est La Nuit (Alan Deprez) - Risky Mission? Oh Boy, Things Are Going to Degenerate
- Downunder (Fernando González Gômez) - Highroad Killer Takes on the Character of his Victims
- Incubator (Jimmy Weber) - Man With Alien in His Tummy

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History of Magic: Ensueno, The
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'Ensueño' centers around Ester Bolaños. Curious and intelligent, restless and slightly reckless, she is a teenager stuck in an isolated West Texas border town. Part of a larger narrative of Ester's life and her family, 'Ensueño' captures the ways in which even the most mundane of activities can be overrun by Ester's vivid imagination.

Jose Luis Gonzalez, Dano Johnson
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English, Spanish
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