Hanging Man, The

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Shorts 3: Dungeons & Demons

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Friday 1 Sept
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- My Wicked Romance (Brandon Jett) - How to Satisfy Your Lover
- Antithese (Jonas Sommer, Thomas Binder) - Trouble With Demons? Use Your Best Tools!
- The Augusta Street Ripper (Felipe M. Guerra) - Clash of the Working Life Monsters
- The Hanging Man (Edgar Nito) - Mystery Hidden In A Hotel Room
- Alien Inside (Alfonso García López) - Men Hunting Demon
- Spooked (Pierre-Gil Lecouvey) - An Ancestral Demon Is In For A Surprise
- Sector Zero4 (Alfonso García López) - Reality Show Gone Wrong

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The Hanging Man
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The daily routine of a maid will change when she discovers the mystery hidden in an old hotel room.

Edgar Nito
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