Cruelle Est La Nuit

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Shorts 2: Run or Be Gone!

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Saturday 2 Sept
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- Amor Killt! (die Filmmaschine, Christian Kreil) - True Love Always Kills Ninja's!
- The History of Magic (Dano Johnson) - Biking Home is Not Easy
- Sol (Carlos Gananian) - Sol Only Listens to One Voice. His voice
- Rambabe (Daan Venmans) - Rambabe Gets Arrested - Justice?
- Cruelle Est La Nuit (Alan Deprez) - Risky Mission? Oh Boy, Things Are Going to Degenerate
- Downunder (Fernando González Gômez) - Highroad Killer Takes on the Character of his Victims
- Incubator (Jimmy Weber) - Man With Alien in His Tummy

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Cruelle Est La Nuit
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During a dark night, Aetna's activists are on their way for a risky mission : killing a shady well-known figure. The target ? The unreliable politician Hein Stavros. But when they reach his opulent-looking villa, they end up in a real "pleasure party"... Oh, boy, things are going to degenerate...

Alan Deprez
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