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A Flemish director recently stated that horror was not ours. Harry Kümel, Jonas Govaerts, James Desert and many others would gladly dare to disagree. On Facebook, Belgica Obscura managed to collect nearly 200 Belgian horror (co)productions, going from big budget pictures, student films, to inevitable homemade splatter and amateur flicks. Vampires, psychopaths, aliens, demons, zombies, even cardboard prehistoric creatures and even more! You name it, we have it. That's why the directors and me are bringing you a small selection of short films to show you the diversity of what Belgica Obscura stands for.
Horror is not ours? The stubborn Belgians dare to disagree!
BUT FF wish to thank Wesley Remory and Razor Reel Film Festival in Bruges, and invites everyone who enjoyed the Harry Kümel films and FORGOTTEN SCARES (BUT 2017).

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