• BUTKlapper: Hotel Poseidon

    15 December


    Een man genaamd David pretendeert de eigenaar te zijn van Hotel Poseidon, een hotel dat compleet in verval is en waar schimmel op de muren staat. Als een zombie dwaalt hij door de gangen van het hotel, waar hij de taferelen om zich heen passief aanschouwt. Langzaamaan verliest David zijn grip op de werkelijkheid en komt hij terecht in een nachtmerrie.



    Thu 15th of December, 20.15  -  22.00hrs.
  • BUTplugged: Battletruck

    16 November

    (Harley, Cokeliss, New Seeland, 1982, 16mm)

    It’s the 21st century, the Oil Wars have made a mess of the planet and the land outside major cities is lawless. After Hunter comes to the aid of Corlie, who has run away from the villainous Straker, he takes her to the peaceful community of Clearwater. Unfortunately for the citizens of Clearwater, Straker fully intends to get Corlie back.


    Wed 16th of November, 20.45  -  23.00hrs.
  • BUTFF@the Overkill: Fried Barry

    28 October

    Openingsfilm of the Overkill film programm

    Introduction by BUTFF celebs Alex Diehl and Ryan Oomen


    Fri 28th of October, 21.00  -  23.30hrs.


    The Overkill festival

    is a playful festival based in Enschede bringing gaming, interactive art, fiction and experiment together to question and celebrate our digital culture and its impact on our society.

    Sickhouse / WARP, Stationsplein 1a, 7511JD Enschede, NL

    Stationsplein 1a, 7511JD Enschede, NL
  • BUT@WORM: Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes

    26 October

    Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes is a funny Japanese experiment in the limits of “single-take” cinema and the skills of a small cast to take an inventive concept.
    A festival favourite from CAMERA JAPAN, that either gets better with a rewatch, or leaves you baffled and surprised at first sight, telling yourself ‘I knew it was possible’!


    Wed 26th of October, 20.30  -  23.00hrs.
  • BUTplugged: Sheba, Baby (William Girdler, 1975)

    26 October

    A private detective returns to her hometown Louisville, Kentucky, to deal with mobsters trying to intimidate her father so he closes his business. She teams up with her old lover and the romance sparks anew. Expect plenty of shootings, yacht parties with sophisticated torture methods, and more, in this sexy blaxploitation classic. 


    Wed 26th of October, 20.30  -  22.30hrs.
  • BUT@WORM: Censor (Prano Bailey-Bond, 2021)

    21 September

    When film censor Enid discovers an eerie horror that speaks directly to her sister’s mysterious disappearance, she resolves to unravel the puzzle behind the film and its enigmatic director - a quest that will blur the lines between fiction and reality in terrifying ways.


    Wed 21st of September, 20.30  -  23.00hrs.