BUTPLUGGED: The Beyond (1981, 35mm)

film poster for Beyond

...and you will live in terror!

This Italian Southern Gothic supernatural horror, directed by Lucio Fulci, features an unlucky woman who inherits a hotel in rural Louisiana. The hotel was a site of a horrific murder but that's not even the worst part yet: it may also hide the door to hell.

You can find the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ef0oH3ZizfI

The tickets are available here: https://www.chasse.nl/programma/5216/Lucio_Fulci/BUTplugged_3_The_Beyon…

This screening is part of BUTplugged: Every month at Chassé Cinema, the BUT Film Festival brings you a crazy film from the last millennium from the depths of their mysterious archive. Expect many analogue carriers such as 35mm, 16mm and VHS during these film nights, with which the films will be shot on the screen! The performance will always be enthusiastically introduced, usually by someone from the festival, sometimes by a special guest. In addition, the public can vote on the evening itself, from a pre-selection of between three film titles, on which film will be shown the following month at the next BUTplugged evening.


Wed 13th of July, 20.45  -  23.00hrs.