Filip Tegstedt

Filip Tegstedt(born August 31, 1978) is a Swedish film director, notable for directing the 2011 Swedish language horror film Marianne which will premiere at the 2011 Fantasia International Film Festival.


Originally from a small town in the Östersund region of Sweden, Filip has been interested in films from a young age. Having studied screenwriting academically, Filip honed his craft through guerrilla film-making. He has created short films and a Swedish language web series, and also worked as a production assistant on a number of film and television productions.

His experiences have influenced his work in Marianne. For instance, he has described his movie as an anti-Tim Burton film, reasoning that Marianne, filmed in the snowy North of Sweden looks bright, but feels dark.


  • woensdag 16 jul 2014

    Bij Worm in Rotterdam geeft het BUT Film Festival een presentatie en vertoont twee films als introductie tot hetgeen

  • woensdag 3 sep 2014

    De 2014 editie van het BUT Film Festival vindt plaats in het centrum van Breda van 3 september tot en met 7 september

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