01/09/2019: “Star Wars was a sell-out from the start. In fact, it was Star Wars that taught us what selling out really means… And that is just about the only remarkable thing about this depressingly mediocre franchise. Its fictional world is BOTH impossibly remote, too far-distant to care about, AND too much like this world, too similar to our own to be fascinated by. The arrival of Star Wars signalled the full absorption of the former counterculture into a new mainstream which would become increasingly bland.

  • Alienated schmalienated

    Er zijn er die voelen zich een klein groen mannetje in een wereld van smurfen. Klein en groen, maar vooral klein, in een wereld van knalblauwe gasten met een te grote, totaal bezopen neus. Zelfs als je blauw bent, kun je je in dat wereldje een buitenstaander voelen. Vraag maar aan de Smurfin. Weer anderen voelen zich een lelijk eendje in een Daihatsu Mud Master C garage. Of een pistool dat ketst in een Texaanse gun shop. En Brechtiaanse vervreemding is wat anders dan economische vervreemding. Vraag maar aan Marx. Karl of Groucho, dat maakt niet uit.

  • Buy Tickets for Music Program BUTFF 2019 Friday - Bad Taste Metal Night!

    This year the BUT Film Festival & Bad Taste present to you... The Bad Taste Metal Night on Friday 30th August 2019!

    FUNEBRARUM (USA) - Doomentia Records / Cyclone Empire Records
    Funebrarum re-emerges from the darkest depths to unleash their offering of morbid and heavy Death Metal. Still dedicated to the late 80's / early 90's underground Death Metal scene, the initial drive and motivation for the band remains. DEATH METAL - the old way!


    Two groups of students from Breda University of Applied Sciences did their project for BUT Film Festival 2019. We challenged one of the groups to make a documentary about our festival in a true 'BUT-fashion'. The other we challenged to make a short film to promote the festival with the same criteria. Let's have a look at the short film first! Same time next week we will premiere the documentary.

  • New @ BUTFF 2019: BodyPaintJam!

    New to this year's BUT Film Festival is a live BodyPaintJam. Several painting teams will create a full-body painting between 12:30h and 19:00h. The theme of the paintings is Extraterrestrial.

    BUTFF visitors are able to see the teams at work, changing the models into living pieces of Art.

    The BodyPaintJam is organised by the 3 silent artists, to see more of their work, visit!

    Want to participate as a team and show your BodyPaint creation?! Great!!

  • Introduction BUTFF 2019 GUEST: Scott Schirmer!

    For our second introduction we are proud te present American independent horror filmmaker and editor from Indiana, SCOTT SCHIRMER!

    BUT Film Festival has been following Scott for some years and screened his directed features HARVEST LAKE (2016), PLANK FACE (2016) and FOUND (2012) plus some of his production work like HEADLESS (2015) and SPACE BABES FROM OUTER SPACE (2017). As a European premiere we are proud to screen his newest: a perverted sex-clown horror film called THE BAD MAN (2018)!

  • Introduction BUTFF 2019 GUEST: Harry Kümel!

    Nothing better to start the introduction of BUTFF guests with Harry Kümel, the last living filmmaker of a generation of Belgian filmmakers who shaped Belgian fantastic in the 70s and 80s!

    Similar to contemporaries Jess Franco and Jean Rollin, Kümel made the slightly erotic low budget vampire film: LES LEVRES ROUGES (1971), which became a true cult film around the world and is loved in genre and collector circles. His feat will forever remain the fascinating MALTERTUIS (1971), for which Kümel managed to catch none other than Orson Welles!