The Main Guest of BUTFF 2018 is... Bruce la Bruce!

Bruce la Bruce

We are honoured to welcome Canadian filmmaker Bruce la Bruce, who is considered one of the primary filmmakers of the New Queer Cinema Movement that emerged in the late 1980s and early 90s in America. In contrast to directors such as Todd Haynes, Gus van Sant and Gregg Araki - all of them exponents of the New Queer Cinema - Bruce LaBruce never entered the mainstream and always kept his 'BUT-factor'.

His sexually explicit films are also politically potent. Bruce LaBruce wants to kick sacred cows and in his films he lets different 'isms' collide: feminism encounters sexism, marxism on fascism, and also themes such as racism, transgenderism, neo-Nazism, and radicalism hedonism. The political and philosophical context of Bruce LaBruce's work contrasts with playful sexuality, where he explores social taboos, including BDSM (No Skin or My Ass) and sexuality in the elderly (Gerontophilia). All this with a vitalistic film language in which style experiment and the pleasure of low budget filmmaking are central.