The BUTFF2018 GameJam is on !!

Lady Qbert plays Pacman

After last year's succes of the new implied element of (BUT-worthy!) gaming at our festival, we ghouls decided to do it all again. We challenge game design veterans ánd NOOBS to break all boundaries and develop a game worthy of the BUT quality mark. Specs are: -Within 48 hours -No specified target group -Personal, instinctive and/ or humor based approach -Matching with this year theme of UnBUTtoned. The creators of the most BUT-worthy effect/feature in the Game Jam will find a BUTFF-award in their master chest during the presentation Game Jam, 14h.

Get you tickets to Jam here GAME JAM TICKET to play
Starting Friday 30th aug at 19:00h


Doodswens doen hun tweede optreden, en wij fan buttv zijn fan! en vragen ze wat dingen.
Sick! Gaaf! Cool! Dope!

J.C. Thomaz & The Missing Slippers came over to play during our SURF & TURF Night.