BUTFF Awards

BUTFF award

BUT Best Feature Award

• American Guinea Pig: Sacrifice (2017) - Poison Rouge
• Cat Sick Blues (2015) - Dave Jackson
• Discreet (2017) - Travis Mathews
• Harvest Lake (2016) - Scott Schirmer
• Phantasmagoria (2017) - Cosmotropia de Xam
• Tokyo Grand Guignol (2015) - N. Alberny, F. Gaillard, G. Landucci, Y. Moreau

BUT Best Shorts Award
• Armor Killt (2017) - Der Filmmaschine, Christian Kreil
• DOWNUNDER (2017) - Fernando González
• Justicia Justiciera III Kungfu Karate Annihilator (2016) - Rafa Dengrà

BUT Lifetime Achievement Award

A BUTFF award for someone who has made an
extraordinary contribution to the BUTFF genre.

Red Asylum Award

For the winner of the DubFu competition, the winning DubFu fragment will be programmed as pre-movie for screening of best feature film.

The award ceremony will take place on Saturday at
the BUT square, 20:00 hours.

BUT Game Award

A BUTFF award for the most BUT-worthy effect/feature in the Game Jam and will take place on Sunday during the presentation Game Jam, 13h.


Doodswens doen hun tweede optreden, en wij fan buttv zijn fan! en vragen ze wat dingen.
Sick! Gaaf! Cool! Dope!

J.C. Thomaz & The Missing Slippers came over to play during our SURF & TURF Night.