CineBUT+ Alien Nightmare X + Savage Death Valley

Film screening
Alien Nightmare X + Voorfilm: Savage Death Valley

Streaming Alien Nightmare X + Savage Death Valley


Fri 10th of April, 20.15  -  23.45hrs.

Alien Nightmare X


2021: The year when we have learned that we are not alone in this universe. That creatures from other worlds are ravaging for a long time, while other people don't even know.
It must be seen to believed: This Russian film is completely self-financed (100 euro, so no need for a second mortgage), and completely self-produced, yet the film seems to have much higher production levels. Full of creativity and ambition, edited like a blockbuster movie - Dmitry Chmelyov is the name to remember!
Short film: Savage Death Valley (DIY animation)

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